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Free Slot Tournaments - Microgaming Slots Schedule

This schedule does not include all the Microgaming casinos which offer free slot tournaments, just the best ones to participate at.

Most all of the Microgaming casinos you have free slot tournaments. 

Microgaming casinos have sit and go tournaments that start when enough players join in. The start times for sit and go tournaments are dependant of this. 
Microgaming Free Slot Tournaments

Free slot tournaments have been increasing in popularity recently because of the fast pace enjoyment of playing slots mixed with the security and knowledge of knowing the maximum amount of money you can lose and the amount of money it is possible to win. If playing regular slots is equivalent to playing poker cash games then slot tournaments are the equivalent of playing multi-table poker tournaments. Each tournament has a buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool, so you know exactly how much money you are risking and how much you stand to win if everything goes well.

The set up of Microgaming slot tournaments is very similar to poker tournaments. There are both schedule tournaments and sit and go slot tournaments. The buy-ins for Microgaming slot tournaments range from completely free up to $20. Many online casinos run a lot of free slot tournaments with prize pools up to $2000. These tournaments are great value and should be taken advantage of whenever possible.

Scheduled tournaments always have a lot of players and they usually run for 5 or 10 minutes. The player with the most credits after this amount of time is crowned the winner. As a rule when you are playing a timed slots tournament you should play as fast as you can to give yourself the best shot at winning.

The Microgaming slot tournaments are played on any of the following video slot machines: the Avalon slots, Loaded slots, Hitman slots, Tomb Raider slots or Thunderstruck slots. The biggest weekly guaranteed tournament is played on the Microgaming Tomb Raider slot machine. The $20K weekender tournament has an entry fee of $20 and you are allowed up to five rebuys for $20 each. The first place prize for this huge guarantee tournament is $5,000. There are many other big guaranteed tournaments throughout the week at Microgaming slots including the $15K jackpot slot tournament on the Tomb Raider slots, the $20K weekend rebuy on the Loaded slots, and the Weekly $10K which is also played on the Loaded slots.

The Microgaming slots sit and go tournaments usually have between 5 and 10 players and each tournament lasts either 2 or 5 minutes. The player with the most credits after this timeframe wins the tournament and there are also prizes for runner-ups.  If you are looking for a big buy-in sit and go slots tournament then you should look no further than the $500 High-Roller sit and go tournament that is played on Loaded slots. The High-Roller tournament is a two player tournament where you try to defeat your opponent and turn your $500 buy-in into $975.

Slot tournaments are continuing to gain popularity and you will likely see the guaranteed prize pools of many Microgaming slots tournaments increase in the near future. Slot tournaments are a great way to have fun with your favourite slot machine while playing against other opponents and not risking a lot of money.

Microgaming and the USA

In 2006, the UIGEA was passed which made it difficult for players of the USA to deposit into online casinos and gamble online. Many eWallet companies pulled out of the US market and financial institutions in the US blocked and continues to block all online gambling transactions. 

In recent days, all USA players who have accounts at their favorite Microgaming casinos have seen very limited deposit and withdrawal options. Unfortunately in due time, players from the USA will be blocked all together from all Microgaming casinos. 
free slot tournaments microgaming
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